Gateway Park sits at the intersection of two important Bentonville trail corridors: 1) the north-south corridor leading from Coler Preserve along the Applegate trail and further south, with a connection to the new Osage Park; and 2) an enhanced 8th Street bike corridor leading from the park east to the existing Walmart Home Office, 8th Street Market/Momentary, and future Walmart Home Office site. Besides offering an exciting new destination within Bentonville’s trail network, the park design provides a safe and engaging setting for all pedestrians and cyclists who are passing through.

Biking—in all its forms—is central to the identity of 8th St. Gateway Park. While biking is prevalent throughout Bentonville, Gateway Park will emphasize family friendly and beginner mountain biking and cycling. It will be a place for park visitors to build their confidence on two wheels before venturing out to some of the more challenging mountain biking and cycling opportunities the region already offers.

Gateway Park’s location as the western anchor of a transformed 8th Street bike corridor, and at the mid-point along the Bentonville’s west side North-South trail system positions it as a true destination recreation amenity for the entire city. Whether traveling by bike or on foot, the park is easily accessible from both its immediate neighborhood context, and the wider Bentonville area.

While the current park grounds are dominated by an over-scaled, vehicularly-oriented 8th Street, future visitors to the park will immediately notice that street is no longer a car-dominated speedway. Rather, this nearly mile-long corridor will become a generous park drive, complete with gateway bridge overpasses, planted boulevard, separated bike lanes (cycle-track and soft trail), mid-block grade crossings, parallel parking and an enhanced pedestrian- and bike-friendly intersection at Melissa Drive.

Lacing through the existing and enhanced landscapes of the park will be nearly 12.5-miles of greenways, pedestrian paths and bike trails. This extensive circulation network includes nearly 6-miles of beginner mountain bike trails, making 8th Street Gateway Park a world-class destination for learning how to mountain bike.

5.93 miles of unpaved trails (48%)
6.53 miles of paved trails (52%)
12.46 miles of trails + walks

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