Though characterized by the predominantly natural settings found across its 100+ acres, 8th Street Gateway Park will be a place of community and collection for all of Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.  

The Park’s Framework Plan identifies three primary areas for gathering, socializing and occasional events—what we call The Landings. Each primary area of the Park—East Park, West Park and the Park Core—is anchored by one of these Landings. It is at these locations that we are able to concentrate the active programs and built components of the park in order to create discrete yet vibrant social spaces that allow the surrounding areas of the park to remain open, albeit enhanced, natural landscapes.

The West Park Landing—what we call The Porch—is focused on serving the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the west and south sides of Gateway Park. This landing includes a small plaza, a covered pavilion, a picnic grove, play elements, a strider course and ample and diverse seating options.

The Landing at the Park Core—referred to as The Central Yard—provides a larger flexible plaza space for events like farmers’ markets and food truck rodeos. This area also features a larger pavilion intended to accommodate events and gatherings, as well as a 1-acre playground, asphalt pump track, and a skate garden that will draw people from throughout Bentonville and the region.

The East Park Landing functions primarily as a small parking area, picnic area and trailhead for the whole of 8th Street Gateway Park’s extensive trail network. This landing provides direct access to the 1000-meter long Cycle Ring feature that circumscribes the 35+ acres of the East Park.

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